Kiss Me When I'm Upset
Hailey, Future Cat Lady.
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Anyone else have those nights when you just want to be held until you feel like everything is going to be okay

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Want more relatable?
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 Anthony Michael Hall and Molly Ringwald playing with a puppy during a break in location shooting of The Breakfast Club.

I wonder if they’re still friends.

Weren’t they dating at the time?
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He was the one.

He was the one for me. The one people wish they could find and have. He was the one other girls dreamt of. He was the one that made me happy even after fights. And I’ve lost him. And i pretend I’m okay and I’m over it but truth is it’s tearing me up inside and I just want to go up to him and hug him and kiss him and say sorry and hope we could put our broken pieces back together, but we can’t do that. It’s too late. And he deserves better.

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